Find LR Horse & Pet at 11-E Main Street in Kleefeld!!!

We are proud to only carry products that are sourced from Canadian companies.​

Visit LR Horse & Pet for a wide range of nutritional products and accessories for your horse and pets. We carry the full line of Hoffman's Horse Products as well as a wide variety of supplements to support horses at any stage of life. 

Contact Us for more information on which products wou​ld be best suited for your horse or dog.

We would like to thank SANDRA MARIE PHOTOGRAPHY for providing our Christmas Pet Photos for this event.  

A portion of the proceeds from the Pet Photos will be going to support the STEINBACH & AREA ANIMAL RESCUE

We are proud to carry ​a wide variety of high quality products for your pets that have all been sourced from Canadian Companies. We have food, treats, supplements, and accessories for your​ dog, cat, horse, small animal, fish ​or reptile!

LR Horse & Pet stocks only the best. Canadian Naturals Pet Food is made in Abbotsford, BC from fresh ingredients sourced from across Western Canada; and it is made for all life-stages. 

- No Fillers

- No Corn  

- No GMOs

- Chicken Free and Grain Free Options Available

Come check out our continually growing "Horse Corner" where you will find the full line of Hoffman's Horse Products, supplements, dewormer, and treats as well as blankets, hay nets, fly spray, and first aid supplies.


Winter Blankets and Rain Sheets now IN STOCK!

Looking for a new furry family member? We have Hamsters and Guinea Pigs! Each one is handled every day to make sure the transition into your home is a easy as possible on them.


Ask about our All-Inclusive Hamster Christmas Packages!

*Available December 1-24

Need to restock you fish tank? Thinking about starting an aquarium? We have everything you need! We have a variety of tropical freshwater fish, Ram Cichlids, Dwarf Gouramis, Bettas, and Goldfish. 


Live Plants for your aquariums and terrariums!

Now Available!

All-Inclusive Betta Packages for Christmas.

Hoffman's Horse Products

Hoffman's Foal Milk Powder

Hoffman's Foal Milk Bits

Hoffman's Developer Ration

Hoffman's Elite Ration

Hoffman's Maintenance Ration

Hoffman's Senior Ration

Hoffman's ProFat Supplement

Hoffman's BalancIR Ration

Hoffman's Textured Ration

Hoffman's HaySaver Cubes

Hoffman's Crunchie Treats

Hoffman's Pro24 Supplement

Hoffman's Performance Mineral (Pellets)

Hoffman's Loose Mineral

Hoffman's BiAaMuGen Supplement

Canadian Naturals Pet Food

Canadian Naturals Turkey & Salmon

15, 30 LB

Canadian Naturals Turkey & Salmon Small Bites

15, 30 LB

Canadian Naturals Turkey & Salmon Large Breed

15, 30 LB

Canadian Naturals Turkey & Salmon Senior

15, 30 LB

Canadian Naturals Pork & Brown Rice

11, 30 LB

Canadian Naturals Chicken & Brown Rice

11, 30 LB

Canadian Naturals Lamb & Brown Rice

11, 25 LB

Canadian Naturals Red Meat Grain Free

11, 25 LB

Canadian Naturals Roasted Chicken Grain Free

11, 25 LB

Canadian Naturals Chicken & Brown Rice CAT

6.5, 15 LB

Canadian Naturals Turkey & Salmon Grain Free CAT

6.5, 15 LB

Horse Supplements & Products

  • Smart Earth Camelina Oil (4L)Smart Earth Camelina Oil (4L)DeStress Equine
  • Equine Choice  AFX (1L and 4L)
  • Equine Choice Prebiotic & Probiotic Granular Supplement (
  • Equine Choice Prebiotic & Probiotic Paste
  • Farmer's Own Organic Flax Oil (4L - Human Grade)
  • Knaughty Nets Slow Feeder Nets
  • Smart Earth Camelina Oil (4L)
  • Tri-Acta Joint Supplement 
  • Tri-Acta H.A. Joint Supplement
  • And much more...